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Master the art of aging gracefully with our advanced Botox, and Fillers Treatments. Let our experts tailor your path to a vibrant, confident you.

Lasting Results

Elevated Self-Esteem

Visible Transformation

Your Radiance Knows No Bounds – Beauty Concerns, Be Gone!

Fading Confidence

As fine lines appear and skin loses its luster, your self-assurance may begin to dwindle.

Missed Opportunities

Feeling insecure about your appearance can lead to avoided social events and professional advancements.

Wasted Time and Money

Without expert guidance, efforts to manage aging can lead to costly and ineffective solutions.

Unrecognized Potential

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and it's unjust when your external appearance doesn't match your vibrant spirit.

Stress and Frustration

The overwhelming market of beauty products and trends can create more anxiety than solutions.

Embracing a desire to enhance your appearance is a genuine expression of self-love, not vanity or selfishness.

NOW is Your Moment: Give yourself the PERMISSION to go for it

We get it. When your outward appearance doesn’t align with how great you feel on the inside, it can be discouraging.

Imagine waking up every day and feeling a deep sense of satisfaction and self-acceptance. Get used to smiling BIG at what you see in the mirror.

Meditism: Modern cosmetic surgery with a collaborative approach

✔  Our practice is designed for capable, busy women with full lives.
✔ Our collaborative approach begins with your choice of an in-person or virtual consultation and continues throughout your Virtu experience including education, pre-op support, video check-ins, and post-op support throughout your recovery and beyond.
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Just so you know, you won’t be the only one wowed by your transformation.



– Wrikle reduction

– Wrinke prevention

– Underarm sweating / hyperhidrosis

– Forehead Lift

– Brow shaping 

– Treatment of fine lines around the mouth

– Jawline contouring

– Chin diminishment

– Neck rejuvenation

– Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

 – Migraine headaches treatment

Starting From $75


– Cheek augmentation

– Under eye hollows and dark circles

– Nonsurgical nose drop

– Chin and jawline enhancement

– Hand rejuvenation

– Marionette line correction

– Nasolabial fold correction

– Facial volume restoration

Starting From $48

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Discover Your Potential with Proven Aesthetic Excellence

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Personalized Aesthetic Care

Every individual is unique, and so should be their path to beauty. Our expert clinicians assess your specific needs to craft a tailored aesthetic experience that enhances your natural features.

Unparalleled Professional Expertise

Trust in the hands of skilled professionals who are not only masters of the latest aesthetic techniques but also dedicated to safety and excellence in every procedure.

Lasting Confidence

Step beyond the temporary fixes and embrace long-term results with our advanced treatments. Feel a renewed sense of self-assurance that permeates every aspect of your life.

Your Path to Radiance Made Simple

 Unveil ‘The Plan’ for a Radiant Transformation Inside and Out.

Book Your Free Consultation

Start your journey to beauty with ease. Our free consultation will tailor a treatment plan to your specific desires, ensuring you feel heard and valued right from the beginning.

Experience Personalized Treatment

Enjoy the comfort and confidence of receiving treatments designed for your unique needs. Our skilled specialists will provide high-quality care that makes you feel and look amazing.

Reveal Your Best Self

Step out into the world with newfound confidence. After your treatments, you'll not only see but also feel the Meditism difference, as your revitalized look brings a renewed zest for life.

Crafting Beauty Journeys with Heart and Precision

At Meditism, we understand that the journey to feeling and looking your best is deeply personal and can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to being your trusted guide in the world of aesthetic wellness. Our doctors at Meditism have helped many clients unlock their fullest potential through their personalized and compassionate approach. You are unique and we believe that you deserve to walk through life with confidence and pride in your appearance. Our expert team is not only at the forefront of the latest advancements in aesthetic treatments but is also committed to listening to your needs and ensuring your comfort every step of the way. We’re here to illuminate the path to your ideal self, empowering you with the care and expertise that turns your aesthetic goals into reality.

Due to the advertising regulations of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario imposed on all doctors in Ontario, we are prohibited from displaying photos and testimonials of our patients. However, if you would like to see examples of our patient’s success, you may visit our clinic for more information.
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